Lark Force Trek

Perhaps you have a family connection, perhaps you have trekked Kokoda and would like to discover another unique part of PNG that is full of beauty and wonder or simply would like to undertake a pilgrimage that immerses you in our proud wartime history. The backdrop of the beautiful, rugged and sometimes harsh terrain of the PNG jungle, the very ground upon which the events of 1942 took place, sets the scene for our master story tellers to bring the voices of our ancestors to life.

Our Lark Force Tours are a 10 day package, including 1 night at Rabaul, then a 8 day “South Coast” rainforest trek from Rabaul to Tol Plantation and return travel by boat’ and vehicle back to Kopoko and a 1 days sight-seeing around Rabaul and a final night at Rabaul.

Kokoda Historical wants you to get excited about Australian history! We aim to bring to life the many number of ordinary people that became extraordinary heroes of our proud nation. We are talking about the soldiers, civilians and Papuans that were embroiled in the Second World War in the jungles of New Guinea. They are true Australian heroes that stood between tyranny and freedom and-we will remember them.

Join us on this amazing PNG adventure retracing the steps of Lark Force. We will pay homage to the men of Lark Force, mostly men from the 2/22nd Battalion, 1400 Australian soldiers who went to Rabaul in 1941 to fight the Japanese.

Commemorate the sinking of the Montevideo Maru a highly significant and much over-looked event in Australian military history.

The dates for our Lark Force 2018 Trek are as follows:

31 August-9 September 2018

(South Coast Rainforest Trek to Tol Plantation, Commemorative service at Bita Paka War Cemetery, Rabaul)

Also think about staying on for our ANMEF & AE-1 Tour


Day 1: Fly from Australia via Port Moresby to Tokua Airport, Rabaul, East New Britain Province. On arrival, transfer to the Gazelle International Hotel for accommodation and meals.

Day 2: We visit Bita Paka War Cemetery and attend the memorial service for Australian Prisoners-of-War (POWs) who died in Australia’s greatest tragedy at sea, the sinking of the Montevideo Maru. Vehicle transfer to Arabam, near the headwaters of the Warangoi River, 30 km southwest of Kokopo. We meet the local porters and guide. Everyone walks to Maranagi village, crossing several creeks and stay in village guesthouse for the night.

Day 3: All walk to Rigel village, then to Lamingi to view Father Meirhofer’s grave, then south-east towards Adler Bay. Each morning, porters will show trekkers how to clean and cook any animals caught in traps or fished from rivers and demonstrate the gathering and safe cooking of wild fruit and vegetables each meal time. We will view the Imperial Japanese Army positions en route to Mt Uragi. We will camp near the upper reaches of the Merai River.

Day 4: Before Mt Uragi we cross the Merai River in its higher, less powerful reaches. “Flotation” using back packs wrapped and tied loosely in tarpaulins or tent-flies and other safe methods for trekkers to cross rivers will be demonstrated. We continue south east to the Arrakus Creek area and make camp by clean water.

Day 5: We continue walking south east to Mt Uragi (the 975 metres feature) and stop for lunch. We walk to Adler Bay village on the South Coast, at the furthest end of the road from Kokopo and make camp.

Day 6: We cross the headland after Eber Bay and walk along the coastal track to Kuluraka, taking care with the deep creek mouth at Murim Creek. We arrive at Karong village where we will set up camp.

Day 7: We walk the coastal track past Jammer Bay and continue to Marunga village where we will set up camp. We visit Fr Bart Advent and confirm our boat ride for tomorrow.

Day 8: We visit Tol Plantation, meet the local villagers and visit the Tol Memorial.

Day 9: We return to Adler Bay by boat, for vehicle transport back to Kokopo and to our hotel.

Day 10: Early departure for return to Australia.

Information Booklet
Lark Force Trek Map

  • Experienced Australian Guide
  • 2 nights twin-share accommodation at the Gazelle International Hotel
  • Transfers from Tokua airport to Rabaul
  • Group porters for 8 day trek from Rabaul to Tol Plantation
  • 8 days trekking food
  • Visit to Tol Memorial
  • Boat transfer from Adler Bay to Tol Plantation
  • Vehicle transfer from Alder Bay to Rabaul
  • Day trips to Vimy Plantation with the Imperial Japanese Army underground hospital, Vulcanological Observatory and walk up onto North Daughter and Matupit (Tarvurvur) volcano
  • Visit to Bita Paka War Cemetery and attendance at the memorial service to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the sinking of the Montevideo Maru and the greatest Australian tragedy at sea.
  • Personal porter
  • Communications and safety equipment including Satellite phone
  • Public Liability Insurance

    • International return flight from Australia to Port Moresby
    • Extra meals drinks, phone calls & personal hotel expenses
    • Personal porter to carry your pack during the trek (if desired)
    • Additional fresh local fruit and vegetables can be purchased along the way.
    • Personal travel insurance
    Available on Request
    • Australian domestic & international airfare from all capital cities
    • Personal travel insurance
    • Single supplement surcharge
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