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Peter Stone's Hostages to Freedom: The Fall of Rabaul

Hostages To Freedom - The Fall of Rabaul documents the turbulent war years of rabaul, Papua New Guinea, from 1941 to 1945, and the subsequent post-war period of land and sea salvage.

Although many books have been written about Rabaul since the Japanes invasion in January 1942, no book has managed to cover the complete picture - the landing of the Australian Lark Force garrison in 1941; the pre-invasion bombing; the invasion and defence of the harbour; the Australian soldiers and civilians on the run; the

horrific Tol massacre, and the extraordinary escapes of six hundred soldiers and civilians; the loss of Australian prisoners on the Montevideo Maru; the remarkable Bishop Scharmach and the plight of the missionaries; the Japanes occupation of Rabaul and construction of over three hundred kilometers of tunnels; the bombing and isolation of the Japanese garrison; enemy operations from Rabaul including the Battle of the Bismarck Sea; the execution and suffering of Chinese, Indian, American, British and Australian prisoners of war; the rescue of downed airmen by Allied Intelligence Bureau coast-watchers; guerilla warfare in the jungles of New Britain; the subsequent surrender and occupation by Australian forces; the salvage of shipping by Government and private salvage operators; and the ships and aircraft that remain in the Gazelle Peninsula region."

This indeed is a remarkable book, that no history researcher or enthusiast can go without. Secure your copy of this rare book today!

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