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Kokoda: That Bloody Track by David Howell

Kokoda Historical is proud to announce the publication of "Kokoda: That Bloody Track", a factual graphic novel (or traditional comic) that tells the true story of the Kokoda Battles in July and August 1942.

Written by Dave Howell (founder of Kokoda Historical and staff member of the Shrine), this book is designed in a format that engages children and adults alike. The colourful format and engaging artwork is designed to encourage new readers.

This campaign is placed within the wider context of the Second World War. Eyewitness accounts and original diaries are included to add a personal perspective. The human tragedy of warfare is clear; warfare was (and is not) noble or glamorous. The Japanese perspective is included through the use of soldier's diaries. Where possible, Japanese and native languages (Motu and Pidjin) are included to provide a cultural balance with translation boxes included.

Kokoda was a tragedy - men and women suffered in a titanic struggle across the most forbidding terrain imaginable. The eventual Allied victory is placed within the cost with the many hundreds of damaged lives - Australian, Japanese, American and native.

Signed by the author

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Kokoda: That Bloody Track