Food Packs

We are now offering freshly prepared meals on our Kokoda Track tours and our Beachheads tours. We have staff that have undergone cooking training and are ready to cook up culinary delights for you while on our tours.

Some of our other tours, for example our Black Cat tour, will still be receiving our ration packs. Please see an example below of a days food pack - you will receive one of these packs for each day you are trekking. In addition to this we serve up cooked rice at dinner time. There will also be fresh rations provided during the trek! What we find that most of our groups end up doing is putting all of their Back Country meals in together. This combined with a side dish of rice and fresh veggies makes for an outstanding meal, with some stops the cooks will prepare fresh bread. Every morning, and at lunch and dinner hot water will be boiled

The great thing is that we take care of all the meal preparation so at the end of a hard days slog all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Sample Food Pack Menu


1 coffee
1 white sugar
2 muesli bars/ porridge oats sachet
1 sultanas/dried fruit /nuts

Morning tea

1 cake/biscuit ration


2 minute noodles
1 tuna pouch
1 pack dry biscuits

Afternoon tea

1 chocolate bar
1 mixed lollies


1 gourmet backcountry main meal

After dinner snack

1 biscuit small
1 tea
1 white sugar


Our head guide Kila preparing fresh bread!


Hot water will be provided every morning and evening and at some lunch stops. There will also be pots available for cooking so there is no need to take any sort of stove or cooking equipment.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables can be purchased at most large villages in the form of Corn, Sweet Potato, Pineapple, Bananas, Mandarin and Watermelon. While this will be a welcome change to supplement our diet it can not be relied upon and is subject to availability.


Fresh water is readily available; it is suggest that you have minimum 2L capacity in the form of a camel back etc. The Legends will advise of the best places to get fresh water and there is no need for purification provided you only take water from these sources.

Eating Utensils

You will require a plastic plate, Metal Knife, Fork and Spoon set, and a plastic drinking cup.

Sample Food Pack