Kokoda Information Session Brisbane

It's 1942. Singapore has just fallen. The Japanese Imperial Army are on the march across Asia toward Australia. There is no one between them and the shores of our fair nation, except YOU! Will you join the fine ranks of the Australian Militia to fight the unstoppable Japanese?

Tonight is your chance to join the ranks of the 39th as we recreate the first march across the Owen Stanley Ranges (now known as the Kokoda Track), of July 1942. We will be marching in full WWII kit, shorts, shirts, belts and leather boots. This will be an exact recreation of that famous journey, done for the first time in 75 years.

That's right, you will be given dog tags and pay books of one of the fine men that set out across the Kokoda Track, in this fully immersive experience. If ever you wanted to do the Kokoda Track then 2017 is the year as it is the 75th anniversary of the event AND you will be doing it exactly how the Diggers did it, including proper WWII rations.

Come to the night, SIGN UP, get SIZED UP for your uniform and boots and come with us as we trek across the Owen Stanley Ranges to stop the Japanese advance on Australia.

Time & Location

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Monday 6 February 2017 Coorparoo RSL and Community Centre

45 Holdsworth St Brisbane, QLD 4151 in the Galaxy Room

This event is free to book your free spot click here

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