Meet The Team

David Howell, co-founder of Kokoda Historical

Mr David Howell

Mr David Howell, the co-founder of Kokoda Historical, is a keen historian and spends most of his spare time researching Australian Military History. In particular David specialises in the South West Pacific Area of Operations during the Second World War.

David spent 5 years as a volunteer guide with the Friends of Kokoda at the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway in Concord, including two years as Vice-President of the Friends, David has taken thousands of people around the memorial educating visitors on the significance of the Kokoda Campaign and Australian history during the Second World War.

David continued his volunteer work as a guide at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. before taking up a full time appointment at the Shrine,. He is now the editor of the Shrine's new history magazine Remembrance and runs the Friends of the Shrine program.

David is well spoken in Tok Pisin the Pidjin language of PNG and is also a current serving member of the Army Reserve. In 2008 David served with the Australian Army peacekeeping in the Solomon Islands.

Clodagh Mulcahy, director of Kokoda Historical

Dr Clodagh Mulcahy

Dr Clodagh Mulcahy is a director of Kokoda Historical and is head of operations in Australia. Originally from Ireland, Clodagh moved to Australia in 2006 to pursue post-doctoral research in chemistry at Sydney University.

Clodagh currently works in IT and has administered all Kokoda Historical treks since 2008.

Clodagh has lived and worked in many countries around the world and has a strong ethical approach to the development of sustainable employment in developing nations.

After walking the Kokoda Track in 2007 as part of the first indigenous youth group to walk Kokoda, she fell in love with the people of PNG. Clodagh has since returned to walk the Track on several occasions and also to visit other destinations such as the Northern Beachheads, Rabaul and Milne bay.

Clodagh is married to David Howell and lives in Melbourne.


Mr Freddy Warren

Freddy Warren was born and raised in Gippsland, Victoria in the south of Australia, one of 7 children, he grew up on a dairy farm. After completing high school at 18 he joined the Australian Regular Army where he was then posted as a parachute volunteer to the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR).

He served 11 years at 3 RAR in a number of roles including section commander and parachute jumpmaster until 1998, when he was posted to North West Mobile Force (NORFORCE) in outback northern Australia. In late 1999 he was deployed on operational service to East Timor with the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment as a rifle section commander with INTERFET to Timor Leste. He returned to NORFORCE in 2000 and subsequently returned to 3 RAR as a platoon SGT and was deployed operationally to Timor Leste again in 2002.

In 2005 Freddy successfully undertook Commando Induction training and was posted to 1 Commando Regt as the training SGT responsible for preparing soldiers for Commando Induction training and service in Special Forces. In 2007 and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Studies from The University of New England in late 2007 with a focus on politics and history. He continued his training role as an Army Reservist during this time. Currently Freddy continues to serve in The Army Reserve with 5/6 Bn Royal Victorian Regiment as a Company Sargent Major and maintains a keen interest in Australian military history and culture.

Mr Kila Jons

Mr Kila Amuli lives in the village of Kokoda. Kila has made numerous successful crossings of the Kokoda Track and has worked as a guide for most of the major tour companies that operate in PNG.

In 2005 he co-founded Kokoda Historical with David Howell. The two of them had met a year prior and it was at the Kokoda Plateau, when David had returned in 2005 with a group of veterans from the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway. Kila & David came up with the idea to form Kokoda Historical.

Kila is both a partner and the head Papuan guide on our Kokoda tours. Kila's grandfather was a Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel who passed on many personal stories to Kila.

Kila has a fantastic understanding of the campaigns history, from the Australian and Papuan perspective. Kila was recently married and has two sons, Anthony and David.

Captain Reg Yates

Captain Reg Yates

Captain Reg Yates RFD (Rtd) is one of the most experienced trek leaders operating in PNG, having completed countless treks since 1984, including Adventure Training with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and many with Sydney-based High Schools.

He served for 36 years as a paramedic with Melbourne Ambulance Service and has 30 years Army Reserve service, mostly as an Infantry Captain in training.In recent years Reg has worked as a paramedic on mining sites in PNG.

Reg has walked just about all Second World War routes in PNG including the Bulldog-Wau Army Road, the Wau-Salamaua Tracks, the Saruwaged Crossing from Peter Ryan’s, “Fear Drive My Feet”, Shaggy Ridge, Rabaul-Tol Plantation plus the Hindenburg Wall section of Karius & Champion’s 1928 Fly River to Sepik River Crossing.

He has rubber-rafted the Watut River with soldiers, paddled a dugout canoe 360 km down the Sepik River, walked up Mt Wilhelm and written a demi-official ADF handout on Adventurous Training in PNG. Reg brings a wealth of knowledge to Kokoda Historical and will continue to deliver a high level of service to all our future trekkers!

Mr Bruce McClean

Mr Bruce McClean

Mr Bruce McClean first walked the Kokoda Track in 1998. He developed a passion for all things Kokoda when he picked up his first book on the subject which was Peter Brune's newly released book "Those Ragged Bloody Heroes" and read about his uncle, Lt. Douglas McClean MC of the 39th Battalion.

Since then he has walked the track many times and in recent years started leading treks for Kokoda Historical.

He has a great sense of wanting to get the correct history as much as possible and hopes to pass on to his fellow travellers some knowledge of the fighting and of the personalities along the track as well as enjoy the company and companionship of a shared adventure.

Bruce also has a passion for all things relating to Australian military history and is an active member of a ceremonial Light Horse troop. Bruce has been a member of the Army reserve in Armoured Corps and is a current serving member of the Victoria Police Protective Services Unit.

Corporal Dean Anderson

Mr Dean Anderson

Mr Dean Anderson has served in the Australian Army Reserve for over 20 years. During his military service he was deployed on peacekeeping operations to the Solomon Islands on Operation Anode as a section commander. He continues to serve in 5/6 Royal Victoria Regiment in Melbourne and is responsible for the training of reserve infantry soldiers.

In addition to serving in the military, Dean also has over 12 years service with the Victoria Police. During this time he has been recognised for bravery. He retired from the police force in 2015 to follow a career in teaching in secondary schooling. He is currently undertaking further study in this field.

Dean has a degree in modern history and a keen interest in all things military. His wife's great-uncle is buried in Bomana War Cemetery, having being killed in action whilst serving with the 2/31st Battalion on the Kokoda Track.

With his family connection, understanding of Australian military history and a working knowledge of what it is to be an Australian infantryman, Dean makes a great addition to the Kokoda Historical team.

The Kokoda Guides, The Green Masin (Machine)

All of the guides that walk with our groups come from areas in which we trek/ tour in. For example when we trek Kokoda, all of our boys are from the villages of Kokoda, Hoi, Isurava, Kagi, Efogi and Sanananda just to name a few. The majority of our team have walked the areas pertaining to their locality many times over the years. Their experience and dedication to the safety of our trekkers are second to none.

Kokoda Historical and our partners help to provide our guides and their families with education, health care and employment. Our guides interact as much as they can with our clients and are only to happy to share their knowledge.


Watch the Green Masin sing their anthem on Youtube!