Kokoda Historical has teamed up with St Andrew’s First Aid Australia (SAFAA). Trekkers now have the option of buying a first aid kit which they can take with them over the Track. These first aid kits will be given to the Area Health Nurse at the Kokoda Hospital where they will be stored.

A qualified Australian first-aid trainer will visit Kokoda several times per year and carry out free first aid courses for local communities living along the Kokoda Track. At the conclusion of the training each participant will receive a specially designed first aid kit. The first aid kit you have donated.

SAFAA believes people trapped in poverty should always have access to free or low cost first aid assistance. They recognise the importance of providing free first aid and first aid education to vulnerable people, and people with limited financial means.

You can help support the local communities by purchasing a specially designed first aid kit and carrying it with you to Kokoda. Proceeds of the kits will help the overall program to deliver first aid training to the Kokoda Track communities. Each pack will go to a family that has completed the first aid training. The cost of the pack is $150. To find out more about SAFAA click here

Special thanks to East Malvern RSL & Platypus Outdoors for providing the uniforms and funding.  

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